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Unlocator support corrected my issue within a couple of hours so thanks again! You guys ROCK! Nothing but praise for Unlocator - helps you use the services you pay for anywhere! Excellent. I’ve used Unlocator for two years. Never had a problem. Get Your Free Trial. Start with a 100% free trial - simple registration, no credit card required . Start Free Trial. VPN. Unlocator Hybrid; Anonymous Unlocator is back and working again. Looks like NHL/MLBAM are committed, at least at this point, to fighting SmartDNS and VPN. It worked yesterday but not today. I hit up Unlocator on Twitter and they resolved it pretty quickly (after first period of Pens/Ning.) We might face this battle for a while. Issues with unlocator tonight and Trying watch Blue game. Xbox and OSX, service has my IP correct and all green check boxes. Ran Lost Password? Password Recovery. Get Password. Not Registered Yet? Sign Up Here

The new app uses GPS location of cell phone and doesn't even look at VPN. I'm going to try my computer tonight. I don't see why that wouldn't work as that obviously has no geolocating mechanism besides the IP address. It just sucks because I used to be able to cast directly from my phone or iPad.

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